Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 New Year Resolutions for The Cajun Blogger

First I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year from The Cajun Blogger! I would also like to reflect on this past year. I accomplished a major goal of going back to college after 16 years. I finished my first semester with a 4.0 which was very empowering. I remodeled the inside of my house this past spring which was long overdue. I began The Cajun Blogger this year. I wanted a blog to share my school success as well as my writing. I don't have many personal goals this year. The ones I have made will be easy for me to attain.

1. Graduate from Nicholls State Univeristy. I will graduate in May 2012 with my Associate Degree in General Studies. I do have plans to work on my BA starting in August 2012. It will take me exactly 4 semesters or 2 years to finish. I will have a minor in Web Graphics, English, Film Studies, and Humanities. I know a lot of minors, but all of them will apply to goal of writing.

2. Write a book. My second resolution is to write a book about losing my second born son to SMA, my struggles with anxiety, and the battle to help my oldest son in school. I hope to write articles for national publications.

3. Exercise more and eat right. I refuse to say lose weight. I have lost 100 pounds in the last 2 years, but I regained about 20 pounds this past semester. I was having a hard time juggling writing, family, and school. Next semester should be easier. I am only taking 4 classes and 3 on campus twice a week instead of going daily. I have one online class. I will have more time to devote to meal planning. By exercising regularly and eating right, then I will naturally lose weight.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Old Poems Rediscovered

I was sorting through some old books, and I came across my old book of poems. I was quite the poet as a teenager. Many of the poems made me laugh as I forgot how much teen angst I once had. So much drama for someone so young and naive. I want to share my first poem I ever wrote which was on 12/29/1991! I was 16 years old. I hope you enjoy my poem, and I was heavily influenced by Sting and fantasy books such as Dragon Lance.

Thanks to my wonderful friend who bought me this nice book. She told me every writer needs a nice leather journal. Dear friend I finally recalled you did buy it for me as my high school graduation present. I hope to add new poems in 2012!

The Lover of Her Majesty

I stare out into the majestic sea
Mesmerized by her undulating waves.
My soul is unlocked for she is the key
When I feel trapped in desolate black caves.
I slowly descend in a sky of clay
To meet this dark majesty for the night.
As I look out across the blood-stained bay,
I tremble so at this saturnine sight.
All there is left for me to do is wait
Until she beckons for I am her mate.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from The Cajun Blogger!

I hope you enjoy a little bit of twisted humor this Christmas.

The snow was blinding as Tom left his office party that night. He was a little tipsy as he made his way down the snowy lane, but he was in no condition to drive. He had too much spiked eggnog at the party. He was quite pleased with himself as he had got some time with Marge under the mistletoe. Never mind half the office got the same present from the office tramp. He was replaying the party in his head which might be why he didn't notice the bright headlights until it was too late.


Poor Tom never had a chance against that car. Let that be a lesson to all you snowmen, and don't walk in the middle of the road! Call a cab.

Merry Christmas from The Cajun Blogger!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Doggie Doo- Educational or Twisted Game?!

I saw this commercial the other day on tv and thought this has to be a practical joke for parents. Nope this game is for real and available for over $40! I haven't played the game nor do I plan on wasting my $40 to play the game. The kids may really enjoy playing to see who can scoop the most fake poop. The game makers state it's educational to teach kids about picking up behind their dogs. I am not knocking anyone who does buy this game, and your children might have hours of fun scooping up fake dog poop. I have a feeling the novelty will wear off rather quickly, and then who will scoop up poor Fido's fake poop.

This game gave me an idea for my own educational and equally exciting game for kiddos. Cat Wee Wee or Cat Woo Woo. I'm still tweaking the name, but here is the object for my game. The game board is a small rectangular plastic container which is the cat litter box. The container is filled with sand. Inside the sand there will be fake cat poop. Each kid has a plastic scooper. I bet you see where I'm going with this idea. Yes the kid who scoops out the most poop wins!!! I did not see this game on Amazon so I apologize if there is something like that out there. If not, then it's my idea and I need to be rich. There you have next year's exciting yet educational game for teaching kids responsibility on pet ownership. Now I will sell this idea and become stinking rich so I can retire to travel the world. If this idea is already out there, then it shows people will buy anything.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ARGH Matey!

feelingpirateI haven't posted lately as I'm having a little eye trouble. I wear contact lenses and I rubbed my eye too hard. I'm not sure if I scratched my eye or just rubbed it a little raw. I had to break out my eye patch so I am not seeing too well. My eye is feeling better but it is making life hard. I can't really do as much since my vision is limited. I'm hoping tomorrow, or at least by Thursday, I can take off the patch. All I need is a hat and a parrot for my shoulder to complete the look. I am thinking a peg leg could make a great fashion statement for this winter. Maybe not.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You Know You're Getting Old When....

straightareportcardYou know you're getting old get straight A's on your first semester back! Oh yeah so take that youngsters! I was quite nervous about going back to college after a 16 year hiatus. How well would I do? Would I be able to juggle school work and a family? It was easier at 19 when my only responsibility was college and work. Now I wasn't so sure with school work, a husband, a 10 year old son, and running our household. My husband and family has been so supportive. I have great friends who also pitched in when I needed it. I have to thank them so much for all the support and encouragement. Enough mushy talk and back to bragging.

I am thrilled to finish my first semester of school with a 4.0! I took 5 classes and all A's. All my classes were required courses for my Associate Degree. Next semester I need 4 classes which are all electives. I graduate in May! I am halfway to my goal of receiving that college degree. I have talked about going back to finish school for many years. To be this close to finishing this goal is surreal. I will say you are NEVER too old to accomplish any goal you set. If you want it enough, then you will reach it.