Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Feed Reader Experiences

I use a feed reader through Google since I am already on the site for my blogs, Gmail, and such. I have several blogs and websites that I subscribe to their feed. I really do like using a feed reader as it adds new content directly to my dashboard. It saves me time by not having to visit multiple sites daily. I definitely don't have time to always check these sites daily. I enjoy being able to browse through the content as I wish. I also enjoy being able to search through content by newest or oldest. I do search for posts by newest as I want to see new posts and then click on the articles that interest me.

A couple of things I don't like is that I have to log into one reader which requires internet if I want to see my list or look at the content. Sometimes on my phone I don't have wireless access or might hit a dead spot. The other drawback for me is that I can't easily unsubscribe from a feed. I have some sites that I like to get rid of but am having a hard time as the one click button isn't working on some of the feeds I don't want. Overall, I must say I like Google Reader.

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