Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

A Living Nightmare Poem

A Living Nightmare

The clock ticks as I shudder in the night,
And beads of sweat adorn my ashen face.
My heart beats madly as these thoughts take flight,
And a piercing scream just cannot take place.
The secret thoughts inside my grotesque mind
Which gnaws hungrily at my weary heart.
As evil shrouds in my heart what is kind,
The chaos settles and the light shall part.
My soul is shattered because of the pain
Yet my torment has only just begun.
It is easy for others who are sane,
But my mind is too dark to see the sun.
The only valid way out is to flee
For leaving this existence is the key.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back in School

I started classes this past Thursday. It feels weird being back, but at least I know people this time in all three of my classes on campus. Call me a bit strange, but I am taking 3 English classes all with the same professor. I know but this guy is a great teacher. I really enjoy the way he teaches. One class is online. I already see there is a lot of writing and reading, but I like a challenge. I am taking a history class, and this professor was there when I started Nicholls back in 1993! He really gets into his lectures so I will not be bored. There will be a lot of note taking. I'm glad I took Louisiana Government last semester as the history Professor is making many references to Louisiana and politics. I am able to follow him better.

One of my English classes is an American Literature, and we are discussing Romanticism which I just learned about in Music Appreciation. Many of classes make lots of cross-references to one another. See kids, what you learn in school will be useful to you later. It's hard to make that connection now, but you will understand it more as you get older.

I was having trouble with my password so I couldn't get into Moodle or my email until yesterday. I am not getting my books until Tuesday. I won't need them except for my online class as I have an assignment (writing a memo) and a chapter quiz due tomorrow. Oh well, I hope I can find some information online to help me. As long as I don't fail them, then I should be fine. I don't think I will do too badly. The classes are a little faster paced than last semester. I guess it will take a couple of weeks to get back into the swing again. I'm just glad I graduate in May. I'm still debating if I will go back in fall to work on my BA.

I will still try to keep up with my blogs as best as I can. If I don't post as much one this one and Robbie's Corner, then you will know why I am not posting as much. May will be here before I know it. I still can't believe I finally took the plunge and will receive my degree. One major life goal completed in less than 4 months!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Speeding on the Information Highway

I just upgraded my internet with Charter to the 30Mbps today, and I am flying on the internet. I should have upgraded months ago. I am paying $10 more monthly, but I can do things in seconds which took me minutes. I was having lots of trouble with pages and downloads timing out. Entrecard was my biggest nightmare. It would take me almost 3 hours to drop 300 cards on just one blog. I need to drop for three blogs. I got sick of being tied to my computer this way.

Now I was able to drop 300 cards on one blog in less than 30 minutes! I am beyond excited. I will have more time to network, post on other blogs, and follow others on social networks. I feel the extra $10 is worth the time I'm saving. I will be able to drop for all three blogs in an hour which is still saving me 2 hours for just one blog! I just had to share my exciting news with my fellow droppers. I know you guys will understand. Happy networking and everyone will be seeing much more of all three blogs.

Monday, January 9, 2012

My Son the Tween

robbieopeningpresentsWe had a very busy weekend with celebrating my son's birthday on Saturday, and afterwards his cousin slept over that night. My son is now a tween, and only a couple of years away from the wonderful teen years. I swear some days he already acts like a teenager. He wants to dress like one, talk like one, and play mature video games. I put my foot down on the last one. Of course he notices pretty women. Not girls his age, but older teenage girls and even women! He is driving me crazy. I'm sooo not ready for this stage of his life. Can I just skip it? Or maybe keep him young forever? I guess not, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

stashofpresentsThe party was just a small gathering of family, and I have a feeling the last one for him. I think we will just start grabbing a friend or two to do something fun for his birthday. I would love to do laser tag. Forget the kids because I want to play.

I will say I do like my son having his birthday after Christmas as I can pick up stuff 50% or more! I got him a few goodies from Rue21 very cheaply. I love the ear buds I picked up for $5. They are not wired but a thicker rubber coating which reminds me of shoelaces. I also picked up 2 hats for $3 each. He is still too small to wear the clothing, but he loves the accessories. He can wear men sized shoes, but he already has too many pairs. This kid has more clothes in his closet than I do or my husband. I'm just glad he's not a girl. He sure is getting expensive like a teenager.

I was having a hard time capturing great pictures as he was more worried about opening than posing. He couldn't open his presents fast enough. He did get a few toys, but I have a feeling this is also the last year for toys. He might get Nerf guns in the future, but I don't see too many more action figures in his future. You wouldn't think by the pile of presents that he just had Christmas! He loves the new bed set which I paid $40 for both the comforter and sheet set! I just couldn't pass up that deal, and it matches his new room theme perfectly. I just can't believe another year has passed.

dinosaurcupcakeHe's not a total teen yet as he picked out a dinosaur themed birthday cake. This was actually a cupcake cake, but they overdid the icing. That whole cake was more icing than cake. We ended up scraping off over half the icing off each cupcake. It was so sweet. I feel like I wasted $20, but at least it was nicely decorated. This is the last year I will have to buy a cake of this size. In the future we will do a very small dessert for him. I wouldn't even mind a small king cake. Yes they make king cakes right after Christmas.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sweet Tranquility Poem

I wanted to share another poem I wrote a day or two after my first one. I will share an old poem I wrote at least once a week. I am inspired to write new ones hopefully this year. I don't want to overload myself so new poems may have to wait. I really want to get my book written first.

Sweet Tranquility

Only the crashing waves shall keep me sane
Which beckons me in the dead of the night.
A melody is drummed out by the rain
That lures me into sleep I cannot fight.
Voices inside my head awaken me,
And I am tempted to go to the source.
In my slumber I wandered to the sea
For my restless mind knew the exact course.
The inviting waves are very soothing
While I lose myself in a black dream.
The sounds were lost as my mind kept moving,
And the peace I have sought was in this realm.
All of her mysteries were mine to solve
Now that my spirit was free to evolve.