Monday, January 23, 2012

A Living Nightmare Poem

A Living Nightmare

The clock ticks as I shudder in the night,
And beads of sweat adorn my ashen face.
My heart beats madly as these thoughts take flight,
And a piercing scream just cannot take place.
The secret thoughts inside my grotesque mind
Which gnaws hungrily at my weary heart.
As evil shrouds in my heart what is kind,
The chaos settles and the light shall part.
My soul is shattered because of the pain
Yet my torment has only just begun.
It is easy for others who are sane,
But my mind is too dark to see the sun.
The only valid way out is to flee
For leaving this existence is the key.



  1. this is a very haunting piece..I felt like I was there..nicely written....

  2. Thanks Robert so much and glad you enjoyed reading.