Saturday, January 21, 2012

Back in School

I started classes this past Thursday. It feels weird being back, but at least I know people this time in all three of my classes on campus. Call me a bit strange, but I am taking 3 English classes all with the same professor. I know but this guy is a great teacher. I really enjoy the way he teaches. One class is online. I already see there is a lot of writing and reading, but I like a challenge. I am taking a history class, and this professor was there when I started Nicholls back in 1993! He really gets into his lectures so I will not be bored. There will be a lot of note taking. I'm glad I took Louisiana Government last semester as the history Professor is making many references to Louisiana and politics. I am able to follow him better.

One of my English classes is an American Literature, and we are discussing Romanticism which I just learned about in Music Appreciation. Many of classes make lots of cross-references to one another. See kids, what you learn in school will be useful to you later. It's hard to make that connection now, but you will understand it more as you get older.

I was having trouble with my password so I couldn't get into Moodle or my email until yesterday. I am not getting my books until Tuesday. I won't need them except for my online class as I have an assignment (writing a memo) and a chapter quiz due tomorrow. Oh well, I hope I can find some information online to help me. As long as I don't fail them, then I should be fine. I don't think I will do too badly. The classes are a little faster paced than last semester. I guess it will take a couple of weeks to get back into the swing again. I'm just glad I graduate in May. I'm still debating if I will go back in fall to work on my BA.

I will still try to keep up with my blogs as best as I can. If I don't post as much one this one and Robbie's Corner, then you will know why I am not posting as much. May will be here before I know it. I still can't believe I finally took the plunge and will receive my degree. One major life goal completed in less than 4 months!


  1. Good for you for taking the plunge and getting your degree. I didn't get mine until I was in my 30's. Even though right now I'm having trouble finding work, I'll never regret doing it, it gave me such a sense of pride that I accomplished my goal. And I'm sure it will do the same for you. Good luck,
    Janet :)

  2. Thank yo so much the kind words Janet. I agree that education is a great thing. Being back in school has certainly empowered me. I have so much more self-esteem. So I can only imagine how wonderful I will feel once I get that degree in my hand. I already have a feeling of accomplishment for getting to this point after 16 years out.

    So sorry you are having trouble finding a job. I am not even thinking about that right now. I just want to get through this semester, but I have a feeling I will just continue to blog and write. As long as I can make enough doing that, then I'm not worried about a job at the moment. I'm really hoping to make this take off so I can become a full-time blogger and possibly speaker later. Good luck on your job search. At least I'll have my degree before I hit my 40's. :) Nothing wrong but I can at least turn 40 knowing I got my degree. I won't be quite so depressed. ;-)