Monday, January 16, 2012

Speeding on the Information Highway

I just upgraded my internet with Charter to the 30Mbps today, and I am flying on the internet. I should have upgraded months ago. I am paying $10 more monthly, but I can do things in seconds which took me minutes. I was having lots of trouble with pages and downloads timing out. Entrecard was my biggest nightmare. It would take me almost 3 hours to drop 300 cards on just one blog. I need to drop for three blogs. I got sick of being tied to my computer this way.

Now I was able to drop 300 cards on one blog in less than 30 minutes! I am beyond excited. I will have more time to network, post on other blogs, and follow others on social networks. I feel the extra $10 is worth the time I'm saving. I will be able to drop for all three blogs in an hour which is still saving me 2 hours for just one blog! I just had to share my exciting news with my fellow droppers. I know you guys will understand. Happy networking and everyone will be seeing much more of all three blogs.


  1. Wow that sounds great, Although I use verizon fios and it works good, I think I'll have to see if that is available in my area! Just in case I decide to speed up my time on the computer
    Janet :)