Monday, January 2, 2012

Sweet Tranquility Poem

I wanted to share another poem I wrote a day or two after my first one. I will share an old poem I wrote at least once a week. I am inspired to write new ones hopefully this year. I don't want to overload myself so new poems may have to wait. I really want to get my book written first.

Sweet Tranquility

Only the crashing waves shall keep me sane
Which beckons me in the dead of the night.
A melody is drummed out by the rain
That lures me into sleep I cannot fight.
Voices inside my head awaken me,
And I am tempted to go to the source.
In my slumber I wandered to the sea
For my restless mind knew the exact course.
The inviting waves are very soothing
While I lose myself in a black dream.
The sounds were lost as my mind kept moving,
And the peace I have sought was in this realm.
All of her mysteries were mine to solve
Now that my spirit was free to evolve.


  1. The ability to write Poetry is a talent I admire, but cannot perform myself. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I used to love writing poetry as a teenager into my early 20's. I stopped as life tends to get in the way. I truly believe anyone has the ability to write poetry. I believe many people are intimidated by writing poetry since they feel it needs to rhyme. There are many forms. Thanks for commenting.