Monday, November 5, 2012

Delicious VS Google Searches

I searched for "black friday" on both Delicious and Google. I was disappointed that the most recent search on Delicious for that tag brought up pages of items that were not what I was looking for. I am looking for sites and ads for "Black Friday" and Google search had what I wanted. None of the results on the Delicious search were very recent or reliable. I couldn't find much of anything I had wanted to see. Delicious brought up 516 pages Google produced 748,000,000 sites

Clearly Google had lots of the top sites and ads that have been leaked already. The ones on the first few pages have all been added in the last month. It even brought up my blog on the Dollar General Black Friday ad I had posted in the last 5 days on the first page. I will stick to using Google for searching the internet.

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