Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to Add Pictures on a Blogger Post

Flickr is extremely popular with many users on the internet. It makes sharing and embedding pictures very easy. It is also a great way for people to share with their pictures with friends and family. I know I have family scattered all over the country so I enjoy being able to connect with them on sites like Flickr. There are two ways to post pictures on a blog post. The first one is to just upload the picture and publish directly on Blogger. It is very easy to upload. The picture below is one I uploaded directly into this blog post.

First you click the picture icon in the post settings. Then you will browse by uploading a picture directly from your computer. You can center the picture or align it to the right or left and choose the size you want to the image to appear on the post. The biggest benefit is you do not have to open another window to find html as it's all done on Blogger. The second way to post a picture on a blog post is to copy and paste the html from a picture hosting service like Flickr.


It is also very easy and you do not have to host the picture on Blogger which saves memory and space. By hosting on a site like Flickr, other users can share your picture if you made it public. The more your picture is visible on more than one site, the more people will see as it will be in search engines. I prefer to upload my pictures directly on Blogger as it is easy and quick. I can add custom tags to the pictures that I upload onto Blogger. The tags also helps to have my image in search engines, which brings more visitors to my blog.

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