Sunday, February 5, 2012

Lessons I Have Learned

I went back to school to finish my Associate Degree in General Studies. I just wanted the quick degree to get back into the work force. My goal was to work as a teacher's aide. The degree would give a little more money plus I would be one of the few aides with an actual college degree. That degree would also give me job security.

I quickly realized, after a few weeks of classes, that I wanted more for myself. I was tired of constantly settling for second best, and I am worth investing in myself. I now want my Bachelor Degree and am even considering a Master's Degree. Being back in college has helped me to figure out my passions in life which are writing and business. I have always enjoyed business but not to work in a corporate setting. Instead I want to apply those skills to my blogs.

Some of the skills I have learned are:
  • Writing- I am learning more about writing for my audience. Keep your writing concise yet effective.
  • Speech- I have learned how to write and present an effective speech plus power point presentations.
  • Dreamweaver- I am more confident in building and designing sites.
  • Business Writing- This is currently helpful for writing memos, emails, and learning how to collaborate with a group.
I have realized there are more classes I wish to take to help further my knowledge. I want to learn more about marketing, advertising, photography, and public relations. I can accomplish my goal of diversifying my education with a General Studies degree. I will have at least 4 minors and possibly 5 when I graduate with my Bachelor's Degree.

I am already taking my blogs more seriously by writing better content. I want to do more writing for other sites and publications which I have mentioned. I now realize that my college degree will help me to accomplish my goals. I am already fulfilling a major goal of finishing my degree, but am taking it a step further by going for my four year. I just feel I am finally on the right path in my life. I can take all of my past experiences and use them to help shape me into a better person. I will no longer define myself by mistakes, but use those mistakes to shape myself into a success.


  1. Thanks so much Robert. I intend to do just that. :)

  2. Good luck on your goals. Hope the college degrees come rolling in.