Thursday, February 2, 2012

Proof the Groundhog Was Wrong

cloverpatchesToday Phil the Groundhog did indeed see his shadow which means six more weeks of winter. The pictures ,I just took outside in my backyard, show quite the contrary. I do realize I live in a sub-tropical climate (Zone 9), but we do get snow from time to time. It doesn't matter that I have only seen it about 4-5 times in my lifetime.

I posted a picture of my blooming azalea bushes last week so I thought I would take pictures of all the clover growing in my yard. I took pictures of where my garden plot is, but as you can see it's overgrown with clover at the moment. I have seen several honeybees in the last week buzzing around the clover. I was looking for a four leaf clover, but no luck. I have only found one so far in my life as a kid. I keep looking each year.


We had a very bad thunderstorm pass last year, and we had a huge boom. It really sounded like a bomb went off but it was lightening hitting my pecan tree. It killed off what was left of the tree which was here before the house was built in 1957. The tree is well over 100 years old according to my husband's grandfather. My husband knows a guy who is going to come over to cut it down for for us free of charge. He gets the wood for his firewood company to sell, and I get to save a few hundred dollars. It's a win win situation. I will be sad to the tree go, but better for it to be cut down then fall on my house during the next hurricane.


This very last picture is of my Japanese Plum tree. We planted it about 18 months ago, and it is already more than doubled in size. I need to add more fertilizer around it later this month.

I really want to plant more fruit trees, but dwarf size trees. I want to keep them under 15' feet tall. My plan is to have several fruit trees and bushes to keep me in fruit all year long. We are going to buy a couple of Satsuma trees this year. I would like 2 trees of the same variety so I can get double. What you are planting this spring? Any fruit trees or bushes?


  1. well while driving along an icy road in the bus up here in the Frozen Tundra...I am hoping the groundhog is wrong.... :)

  2. I can't even imagine. Sorry and hopefully the winter lets up for you. :)

  3. well darling this is mean ...:))))But congrats on the pics, they are lovely...greetings from Siberia :)). Kisses.

  4. I did warn you, but you are always welcome to come visit my warm abode. Just don't come in the summer as the heat and humidity is quite brutal for us mere mortals. ;-)

  5. I hope we will be able to grow fruit trees here in our area in Texas.