Monday, December 19, 2011

Doggie Doo- Educational or Twisted Game?!

I saw this commercial the other day on tv and thought this has to be a practical joke for parents. Nope this game is for real and available for over $40! I haven't played the game nor do I plan on wasting my $40 to play the game. The kids may really enjoy playing to see who can scoop the most fake poop. The game makers state it's educational to teach kids about picking up behind their dogs. I am not knocking anyone who does buy this game, and your children might have hours of fun scooping up fake dog poop. I have a feeling the novelty will wear off rather quickly, and then who will scoop up poor Fido's fake poop.

This game gave me an idea for my own educational and equally exciting game for kiddos. Cat Wee Wee or Cat Woo Woo. I'm still tweaking the name, but here is the object for my game. The game board is a small rectangular plastic container which is the cat litter box. The container is filled with sand. Inside the sand there will be fake cat poop. Each kid has a plastic scooper. I bet you see where I'm going with this idea. Yes the kid who scoops out the most poop wins!!! I did not see this game on Amazon so I apologize if there is something like that out there. If not, then it's my idea and I need to be rich. There you have next year's exciting yet educational game for teaching kids responsibility on pet ownership. Now I will sell this idea and become stinking rich so I can retire to travel the world. If this idea is already out there, then it shows people will buy anything.

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  1. You are TOTALLY onto something with the litter box game. Trust me. I know these things.