Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from The Cajun Blogger!

I hope you enjoy a little bit of twisted humor this Christmas.

The snow was blinding as Tom left his office party that night. He was a little tipsy as he made his way down the snowy lane, but he was in no condition to drive. He had too much spiked eggnog at the party. He was quite pleased with himself as he had got some time with Marge under the mistletoe. Never mind half the office got the same present from the office tramp. He was replaying the party in his head which might be why he didn't notice the bright headlights until it was too late.


Poor Tom never had a chance against that car. Let that be a lesson to all you snowmen, and don't walk in the middle of the road! Call a cab.

Merry Christmas from The Cajun Blogger!

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