Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday- Villain or Victim?

Why is it when poor Monday rolls around, everyone moans and groans. I think Monday is a great day. Instead of moaning the weekend is over, we should embrace the beginning of the week. It's a way to start fresh and start the week off in a positive light. I for one enjoy each new week. If I had a bad week or weekend, then I can say this week will start off on the right foot. I think it's really all about perception. If we think negatively, then of course you will have a bad day.

Monday is just a victim of the work and school week starting on that day. The calendar week starts on Sunday, but poor Monday. I really feel sorry for this day. One reason to love Monday is that most holidays are put on Monday. Think about Labor Day, Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, President's Day, and such. I never hear anyone complain about Monday when they have this day off from work or school. Celebrate Monday and rejoice in each new week!

Monday- Villain or Victim You Decide

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