Thursday, November 3, 2011

Putting Off Today, Tomorrow, & the Next Day

I am having so much trouble staying focused on two projects that need my attention. I have my last big speech due on Monday! I have my website project due tomorrow! YIKES! I'm not totally pathetic as I'm halfway finished with the website project. I do know what my speech topic is, and I even found all the images I want to use when I make the 20 slides. I just need to finish it all. My speech is a Pecha Kucha speech so I have to make 20 slides that are 20 seconds each in Power Point. So why am I putting all of this work off?

I honestly don't know the answer, but I find I do this to myself when a deadline is approaching. I procrastinate as much as I can, and then start to panic as I realize the deadline is upon me. Do I work better under pressure? I have to answer no as I hate working when I get stressed, but I do notice I become more creative. What I do know is I'm writing this post, playing on Facebook, dropping cards on Entrecard, and anything else but finish my projects. Luckily my professors don't read my blogs. I'm safe for now.

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