Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rest in Peace (RIP) Trashie

This is the sight that greeted me when I walked out this morning to pick up my trash can and check the mail. All that is left of my loyal and humble servant is a sad and lonely piece. Trashie (yes I named my trash can) was a noble and sturdy piece of plastic that hungrily accepted whatever trash I had. I fell down to my knees and asked what happened. Of course, it was too late for Trashie as I didn't receive any response. I knew what had done this to poor Trashie. It was all those cane trucks that run up and down the highway during grinding. I promised I would avenge Trashie.

I live off the highway which is why I constantly asked the trash men to throw my can into the ditch. Most would oblige, but lately the trash men had it in for poor Trashie. He never complained or told me of his conspiracy theory. This wasn't the first time Trashie was hit by a cane truck. Oh no! He was hit twice already this month. The first time was a just a little dent and scrape. The second hit was much worse. Luckily for Trashie, some kind soul stopped and delivered him to my house. The wheels didn't survive and were knocked clean off. I asked Trashie if maybe it was time to retire, and let me replace him with a new can. I think I saw a little tear that day (could have been rain) but I knew I had hurt Trashie's feelings. I wanted to duct tape the gashes but Trashie wouldn't have it. It wasn't worth the tape. He still served us and took all our trash even though there was a lean.

It seemed inevitable Trashie would someday need to be hauled off, but not like this. Trashie was totally obliterated and nothing left but that one small piece. The handle was also missing. I kept my promise to Trashie, and called Waste Management to tell the woeful tale of this wonderful trash can. The manager regretfully told me my can wasn't the only one that has been taken out this month. Several other home owners have reported the same fate had befallen their cans. He apologized and will deliver me a new trash can tomorrow. In honor of Trashie's memory, I will never name another can again. Trashie was one of a kind and will be missed.


  1. The man who threw it on the highway needs to replace it.


  2. How sad we get when something we have been used to suddenly is of no use at all.Sounds like Thrashie has had a loving home..